Play on Wheels Back in Action!

Hear the Play on Wheels story in the new mini-doc! Thanks to our wonderful editor, Richard Blais, from New Shadow Productions.


Play on Wheels is making a re debut since its last outing in September at Beakerhead Festival’s ‘Little Big Street.’ During those 4 days over 6000 people experienced the wonders of this magnificent little big project and we’d love to get another mass of people to experience it in upcoming events this summer (one of the events starting in just a few days).

We have brushed off the dust and are excited to display the interactive playground with the community once more this Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the ContainR Space (1020 2nd Avenue, NW), Sustainability in Action event from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. This is a free event that gives time and space for the public to explore the theme of sustainability through conversation and workshops “facilitated by local experts in community gardening, alternative transportation, and cultivating community resilience.” During this time youth will be given the opportunity to work side by side with the artists to design a mural and be given a tour of the Play on Wheels trailer. There will also be local talent –Rotary Park and La Rougette– performing live music. For more info on the event please visit the events Facebook page here.

Following this event, on May 7, 2015, there will be an outdoor street festival on 8th Avenue SW highlighting Calgary’s unique, diverse arts scene with music, art and general festive cheerfulness. It is open to the public and from 7:00pm to 8:30pm we will be painting the chosen mural design on the trailer.

So come down, enjoy the festivities April 18 and May 7 and experience the wonders of the arts and the communities.



Play on Wheels out on the Streets!


Play on Wheels is out on its first adventure! We are lucky enough to get to be a part of a pretty rad festIMG_5755ival in Calgary taking place this week. We have now packed up and moved to our new temporary home on Olympic way and 12th Ave SE, at Beakerhead Festival’s ‘Little Big Street’. On Little Big Street you will find yourself in the midst of a wacky neighborhood made up of creatively engineered and interactive spaces. We will have our trailer there ready for play, and be hosting an evening of live music on Friday from 4-6pm. Then on Saturday from 11-11:30 our artist team will be talking about how this project came to be, its process, and the teams experience in collaboration and play.

Find the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1502709766635861/


Thank you so much to all of the amazing and awesome support throughout this project and especially last weekend at the Play On Wheels Grater Forest Lawn community celebrations. Over 200 community members, arts supporters, and youth came to interact with Greater Forest Lawn’s new interactive play sculpture.


There was so much put into this project, and so much that has come out of it so far. After over 2000 artist hours, 400 youth artist hours, 250 volunteer hours, a c-can full of recycled materials, and endless community in kind donations, we now have a fully built mobile fun house ready for interaction! The Play on Wheels trailer comes complete with a rock-climbing wall, a bouncy floor, roof top patio access with rainbow stairs, a tube telephone communication device from upper deck to down below, a kaleidoscope room, a periscope, a hacked interactive piano, a built in stage, chalk board walls, life sized snakes and ladders, and a whole lot of reason to play.

 IMG_5601 IMG_5683 IMG_5619  IMG_5591 IMG_5609  IMG_5604

It has already hosted people of all ages and created a gathering space for people to interact. Our mini stage has hosted its first set of speeches at the Antyx AGM, and seen an awesome live no name youth band rock the trailer. We are excited about the future potential of Play on Wheels and what amazing interactions it will be a part of in the community. There a few kinks to work out before we can set it loose on the streets, but we want nothing more than to see this baby roam.

IMG_5700 IMG_5591  IMG_5582 IMG_5559IMG_5543  IMG_5525IMG_5549  IMG_5489 IMG_5519  IMG_5498

We are still fundraising and are so close to reaching our minimum goal in helping us pay for the coats associated with this project! You can be a part making this happen at http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/165.

We have come a long long way!

DSC_0285 $_20-3 IMG_5733


Proof that play is good for you.

IMG_5457Last night Antyx Community Arts celebrated their past year of work in the community and attendees got to experience a sneak preview of IMG_5454the almost completed Play on Wheels trailer. It was the first time a group of people outside of our project team got to interact with our creation, and it was amazing to see how much fun people had playing together! We are showing the community that play is good for us and brings people together. With the amount of smiles and positive interactions that were exchanged, we are getting real excited to bring Play on Wheels to the community.

IMG_5519  IMG_5463IMG_5424 IMG_5428  IMG_5422You can see experience Play on Wheels for yourself this Friday September 5th at the artBOX on 17e (1807 42nd Street SE) from 5:00-8:30pm. This will be our big reveal and celebration before launching the project into the community.

See the event on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/events/759715310738936/

We will also be open on Saturday from 11-5pm before we pack up and head to Beakerhead Festival! If you are really antsy, you can stop by tonight for a sneak preview and chat with the artists as we are completing the final installs on the trailer. 6:00-8:00pm.


Play on Wheels almost complete!

We have 27 days left in our Invest YYC campaign, and are half way to our minimum goal of $2500. We want so badly to pay our artists fairly for their endless hours of hard work, as well as to pay a fair price for our amazing build space at the artBOX to help sustain its existence, and finally to pay for some of the costs we incurred and ensure a stable future for the Play on Wheels trailer in the community.

Please consider supporting our project at: http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/165

IMG_5525  IMG_5508 IMG_5498  IMG_5496 IMG_5489 IMG_5488  IMG_5477 IMG_5473  IMG_5449 IMG_5445  IMG_5442 IMG_5441  IMG_5437 IMG_5431 IMG_5420  IMG_5417 IMG_5416 IMG_5408

Photos taken by Amazing Sara


Play on Wheels Reveal!

We are in the final days of our build, and everything is coming together. Play on Wheels artists have practically been living at the artBOX to try and get the trailer ready for interaction. Please consider helping us reach our minimum fundraising goal so that we can pay our artists, and cover some of the costs we have incurred to make this community project happen. http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/165

This Friday come visit us at the artBOX (1807 42nd st SE) from 5:00-8:30pm to celebrate the completion of Play on Wheels for the Greater Forest Lawn community. Completer with artist and youth presentations, snacks, and tours of the trailer. We will also be open on Saturday from 11am-5pm, a full day to play!

IMG_5345 IMG_5272 IMG_5342IMG_5382 IMG_5350 IMG_5370 IMG_5375 IMG_5381  IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5385  IMG_2018IMG_5398





Play in Progress

For 5 full six-hour days, 8 devoted youth have been working under the mentor-ship of 5 artists and facilitators in the creation of a mobile, play-inspired art installation. By the end of August, we will have completely transformed an old horse trailer into our vision of an modern day engaging playground; an interactive and collaborative creative space that can be packed up and brought to you.

IMG_5077We are fundraising so that we can pay our artist mentors for their endless hours of hard work, pay for our use of the artBOX space, and make sure we have the proper materials and equipment to make sure this structure is going to be fun, safe and sound. You can support this project at http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/165.


The players will be the pawns in this giant version of snakes and ladders, by physically moving their bodies across the hand sewn and painted board. Opposing players may need to make friends in this game, because rolling these hefty dice is not a one man job.

IMG_5079 IMG_5245  IMG_5218  IMG_5252


We now have a full three-panel chalk board wall onsite at the artBOX that we have been using to draw ideas and organize our next moves. Thank you to our gracious volunteers Meghan and Pauline for helping us set this up!

IMG_5071 IMG_5143 IMG_5248


We have been experimenting with the mechanisms inside an upright piano, and are working out exactly how we can use pulleys and cables to create a sound-scape as visitors interact with our space.



The base of our climbing wall is now complete and ready to attach custom made holds to.

IMG_5222  IMG_5256


Play on Wheels Artists have been putting in super long hours and working hard behind the scenes to keep us on schedule, (well maybe we are a little behind), structural re-enforcement and framing out new entrances and exits has been a project in itself. It’s hard to predict the work that is actually required to bring things up to par, and things always take a little longer then expected; as it goes. We have now moved the trailer into our artBOX workshop space, re-wired the electrical, installed a shiny new jack, and have had custom new flooring installed by artist Lane Shordee.

IMG_5206  IMG_5207 IMG_5212  IMG_5209IMG_5086  IMG_5200IMG_5203


Shiny and reflective pyramids protruding from the walls will cover the inside front section of the trailer. Alongside artist Ivan Ostapenko, a team of youth have been working with geometry and fitting together triangles. We are currently working out how the surfaces can be made as reflective as possible without using glass; reflective paint? mylar? tinfoil? ideas?

IMG_5250  IMG_5253


Artist Joanne MacDonald had been working with a few of the youth, playing with mirrors and mocking up some trial para-scopes. We are just about ready to build the real thing!



By the end of the day it is not hard to tell that the Play on Wheels youth and artist team has been hard at work. It looks as though a tornado has passed through.

IMG_5106  IMG_5236IMG_5231IMG_5241  IMG_5257 IMG_5243


We are working away to get this project built, and are looking for the following supplies to move forward:

  • Foam: pool noodles, black protective foam…
  • Reflective, non-breakable surfaces
  • Clear Plexi Glass
  • 1 1/2 inch square metal tubing
  • 4 – 3/4 inch sheets of plywood
  • 1/8 inch masonite
  • Paint
  • Pulleys
  • Cable
  • Hinges

If you have any leads on these; free or cheap, lightly used or salvageable, let us know! alia(at)antyx.org


It has been awesome chatting with people passing by on the street, and wandering into our space to find out whats going on. We welcome you to stop by and check out our progress, meet the team, and get involved! We are open Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and Thursdays from 11-5pm! 1807 42 Street SE

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.55.19 AM


Playground Construction Underway!

We have finally entered the construction phase of Play on Wheels and have officially taken over the artBOX! Come visit us any time over the next three weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11:00AM and 5:00PM. We love visitors!  1807 42 Street SE

IMG_1888Everybody is super excited that all of our ideas are now becoming a reality. Early Monday morning a 30′ long C-Can full of the materials we’ve salvaged over the summer was delivered to us. It was pretty awesome it see it go down.  Our project partner, Urban Systems, has been generous enough to donate the C-Can and its transportation for the summer. 

IMG_1875We’ve made some first major moves including tearing the trailer apart to remove the rust and check out and IMG_5036re-enforce it’s structural integrity. It’s gotta be structurally sound and safe to be able to hold the crazy contraptions our team has come up with.

Some youth artists worked on getting the front room of the artBOX presentable and ready for interaction and play. We brought in a salvaged materials teeter-tooter we built last summer during Phantom Wing, and a couple spring loaded chairs from Joanne’s Back yard. We also moved in our 5 up-right pianos for people to come check out and play with, they were donated by Foothills Piano and Furniture to avoid being taken to the dump. We will be taking them apart and investigating the mechanics of them to see how we can make them an interesting interactive element of our playground.


Our awesome youth team also built 4 sturdy work tables that will be so so helpful throughout the building process. This made the main space of the artBOX really feel like home, well our home workshop base for the next three weeks.

IMG_5049Last Friday, the Artist team got together to hash out what is possible based on all the brainstorming and ideas we’ve been doing with the community over the last 5 weeks.  Our design and what we will actually end up will will definitely change throughout this creatively evolving process, but here’s a sketch by Ivan laying out how some ideas will work together.


Our Playground will include retractable walls, interactive pianos, a parascope, monkey bars, a chalkboard wall, a stage, a slide, and interactive collaborative games and activities.

Today’s major tasks involve installing a new trailer jack, removing the rust from the surfaces of the trailer, designing a para-scope, painting a chalkboard wall, and tearing apart a piano. artBOX resident artist Joe Kelly was also kind enough to give the team a tour of his rad studio this morning. What a treat!

We are moving Forward!

IMG_5050We still need help funding this project! We are using invest YYC, a crowd sourcing funding campaign to raise money to help cover some the costs of materials, equipment, hardware, facilities, print marketing, documentation, community engagement, and professional fees. We need to reach at least $2500 of our $10,000 goal by the end of September to be funded at all. We could really use your help reaching this goal by either contributing to the campaign or by sharing our project with your networks to help us spread the word. Every dollar is so helpful!

The link to the funding drive is: http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/165

Thank you for your support!

Alia Shahab – Antyx Community Arts Facilitator


Youth Arts Team Session IV

_MG_6138In the Youth Arts Team session this week Jena shared the skills and experience she is bringing to the project. Jena is a Youth Support Worker with the Aspen Youth Matters program, and led the group through a series of teambuilding games and reflective _MG_6193exercises. 

It’s sometimes optimistically assumed that working flawlessly in a group comes naturally to everyone, and good teamwork will inherently arise from any situation that involves people working towards a common goal. Get some creative, motivated people together in a room, and that’s all you need, right?



Well, it’s great when things work out this way, but more often creating good team dynamics requires work. Jena used her experience to help facilitate conconversations about how the Youth Arts Team can successfully work together. This involves being respectful of other peoples’ contributes, styles of learning and working, and creating a safe and respectful work space.

As with most things, these concepts are best understood when you are actively involved in them, so the Youth Arts Team also participated in teambuilding activities which allowed everyone to get closer to each other, and be really, really silly.

 _MG_6133 _MG_6145  _MG_6175   _MG_6164_MG_6198_MG_6194 There was unfortunately a folding chair casualty during an intense game of “reverse musical chairs.”

_MG_6150Jena also helped the Youth Arts Team identify skills and capacities that they might want to grow over the course of the project, as well as indicators for how these skills and capacities were developing. It was exciting to hear some of the Youth Arts Team being excited about not only developing skills related to building, but also skills related to leadership and communication.

 _MG_6107 _MG_6108 _MG_6111 _MG_6189Posted by Meghan Durieux (volunteer)

PS. We had a special guest photographer in to take all these photos, Thank You Tet.M for your amazing work!

Check out the full album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.492701970832282.1073741841.187723661330116&type=1&l=aa340b53ae