Youth Arts Team Orientation Day

On July 8th we held our first meeting and met our Play on Wheels youth artist team!

During the team orientation, everyone introduced themselves and shared what they would like to achieve while working on the new project.

Artist Lane Shordee presented some of his past and current work, and shared about his process and methods of creating. Read more about his practice here. He then lead an activity where the youth artists were divided into groups of 3 to create an accumulative sculpture out of recycled materials. The objective of the activity was to get the youth familiar working together as a team as well as brainstorming ideas and creating using found and recycled materials.

photo 1photo 3

The youth went home with questions focusing around the activity of “play” to get ideas flowing for the following meeting.

Each week one of the artists/ facilitators will be presenting their work, as well as leading an exercise related to their practice that will help our group move forward into our building phase in August.

Stay tuned for updates as the Play on Wheels project progresses!




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