At Antyx Community Arts we believe in community. Along with artists and the youth that are getting involved with this project, we also like to celebrate our volunteers.

Today we sat down with volunteers who contacted us via our website to see how they could help in making Play On Wheels a reality.

We presented the project, the artists involved and how we are engaging youth with this mobile interactive sculpture. We also wanted to find out what each volunteer’s interests are and get to know each of them personally.  We have a fantastic team of volunteers (see photo above) and we are open to anyone else who is interested.

If anyone is interested in volunteering with this project and bringing this idea to its full potential please contact our project lead, Alia , at alia[at]antyx.org or 403-444-0500

There are many ways to volunteer with this project including the following:


Project Assistant– picking up supplies, materials and equipment, setting up and cleaning up at community events and youth sessions, and assisting with the project creation.

Greeters– Greet community members and guests during the build, give them information about the project and show them what’s currently being built.

Salvaged Material Pick ups– Help pick up materials that have been donated for salvaging purposes throughout July and August.

Video & Photo Documentation throughout the project.

Design– Help creating some promotional materials including: posters, cards, thank you prints, t-shirts, buttons, and signage during the showcases. Creating artwork for the project.



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