Youth Arts Team Brainstorming Session

At this week’s meeting the young artists participated in a name game to get more familiar with each other as well as some useful team building and brainstorming activities.

Jena, our youth support worker, facilitated an activity where the objective was to encourage collaboration and to work together as a team to remember a pattern laid out on a grid. Each player took a turn and the rest of the team helped direct the player across the grid.

grid game

Artist Ivan Ostapenko, presented his portfolio as well as previous projects he has been involved in. His past work showed different phases of a project, including preliminary designs, and how ideas can come to life into a fully executed project. Ivan guided an activity where he read text passages aloud and asked the youth to draw in their sketchbooks what the text meant to them. The objective of the activity was to help youth visualize written passages and convey multiple ideas into a cohesive drawing. The activity also demonstrated that everyone interprets things differently and that there are many ways to perceive.


Antyx Community Arts facilitator Alia, directed a brainstorming activity focusing on the following questions:

  • What is play?
  • Is play important? Why?
  • How would you adapt the typical playground to increase play?
  • What is special about the Greater Forest Lawn Community?
  • How can play be used to make new connections and build community in Greater Forest Lawn?
  • What are some inclusive playful activities or interactions that create connections?
  • How do you imagine an interactive ‘playground’ for people of all ages? What elements and activities would it include?

The youth were divided into two groups and asked to write down important points as we considered each question. We then discussed which points were most important and why. The exercise was helpful in determining central ideas and themes as well as summarizing key supporting details.

Post by: Volunteer Bronwyn Culham


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