Youth Arts Team Brainstorming Session II


At this week’s Play On Wheels Youth Meeting we had a chance to hear from one of the facilitating artists, Joanne MacDonald, and see some of her work. Joanne showed us some of the work she has done with recycled materials, including her merry-go-round made of old bike racks at last years Phantom Wing project. Although she has made some larger gallery based pieces over the past 10 years, she is currently interested in smaller pieces that explore the relationship between suspension and tension.

After a name game icebreaker to get to know each other the youth broke off into small groups to discuss their ideas and sketches. From here they began to build small mock-ups of their ideas. Joanne, Ivan and Alia, three of the four facilitating artists involved in this project, walked around to discuss their ideas and see how the group could make that idea into something tangible in the final product.

We began compiling bios for all the youth and artists involved. These bios will eventually be put up on our blog so that everyone can see who is part of this project.

Also, stay tuned for our InvestYYC project video to come out in the next few weeks.






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