Brainstorm and BBQ


Last Saturday Antyx and Aspen hosted a community BBQ at the Twin Views Communal Garden in Dover. Through deliciously free burgers, live local music, permaculture workshops, face-painting and the always refreshing gathering of community, we celebrated the launch of the Twin View Garden Project and the unveiling of the Garden Mural created by Youth Arts Action.


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This also marked the fiIMG_4923rst public interaction with the Play on Wheels trailer, which was activated through a live brainstorming session to gather ideas about the theme of play. Many members of the Greater forest Lawn community and beyond entered the trailer and scribbled and drew great ideas all over the walls, which we are now working into the design of the mobile playground. Only 1 week until we start the build!

See some more of the ideas that came out of all of our brainstorm sessions below!


IMG_4909 IMG_4917  IMG_4907 IMG_4900

Over all a successful event with over 300 people gathering to celebrate community!

Here’s a summary of the ideas that have come out of all of our youth and community brainstorm sessions:

• Suspended Chill Zone with cup-holders
• 360º Spiral Slide (collapsible)
• Fold out rocking swing/ benches – accessibility
• Rock climbing wall
• Kaleidoscope room/ passage, with reflective mirrors and glass with shapes beneath.
• Chalk board wall, with question prompts ie. My dreams are?
• Retractable ladder, collaborative effort to lower and retract (two triggers)
• Retractable table for facilitation and information, or just chilling
• Run through punching bags
• Foam pit
• Life sized hamster Wheel
• Ways of occupying the roof
• Sliding down from the roof
• Carousel swing or something similar
• Slide Puzzle, Code/ Unlocking puzzle
• Wall ‘o rules
• Outhouses
• Haunted house
• Contraptions that require people to use it
• Games: Tag, Hide and Seek, chess Tables, grounders
• Story telling
• Tree climbing
• Art! Lot of art!
• Activities, games
• Musical instruments
• Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
• Trampoline
• A contraption that needs a lot of people to work
• Social activities, an environment where you can meet other people

• More natural materials used in playgrounds
• Risky apparatus: Strict boundaries and over-protection prevent learning
• Undefined/ Imaginative: Non-specific elements free to interpret (no rules are sometimes good, free form, non –structured)
• Games, rules and boundaries can also be good, and provide a starting point
• Bigger scale, large structures for all people.
• Problem solving, brainwork.
• Platform for interaction and collaboration.
• Inclusive
• Crazy, unique, non-traditional elements
• Gathering place
• Easy games for all people, accessibility
• Bringing people together, social spaces
• Moveable elements that foster interaction
• Community, Sense of belonging
• Free speech

• A fun form of leisure and self care, it is good for your health
• Increases happiness
• Stimulates your senses, your brain, your muscles
• Play = escape from responsibilities, a break, a breath from every day life, a release, letting o of your worries
• Opportunity to pretend
• Play is important
• Stimulates imagination and creativity
• Play = Fun, Joy
• Brings people together face to face, interacting with real physical environments
• A lot of important life lessons are learned through play
• A place to meet new friends and build relationships and community

• Diversity in GFL… varying elements and ways of play
• GFL: Dense, historic, Green space, Schools
• Fun
• Teenagers
• Colorful
• Multiculturalism
• Healthy
• Togetherness
• Lots o’stuff
• Clean ups

Here are the Questions we used to launch our brainstorming:

What is play? / What are some ways to describe play?

How do you like to play? /What ways do you play?”

Is play important? Why?

How would you help people play together more? / How would you adapt the typical playground to increase play?

What is special about the Greater Forest Lawn Community?

How can play be used to make new connections and build community in Greater Forest Lawn?

What are some inclusive playful activities or interactions that create connections?

How do you imagine an interactive ‘playground’ for people of all ages? / What elements and activities would it include?

Do adults play? /Do you think adults should play more?

Please feel free to contribute your ideas as well!


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