Youth Arts Team Session IV

_MG_6138In the Youth Arts Team session this week Jena shared the skills and experience she is bringing to the project. Jena is a Youth Support Worker with the Aspen Youth Matters program, and led the group through a series of teambuilding games and reflective _MG_6193exercises. 

It’s sometimes optimistically assumed that working flawlessly in a group comes naturally to everyone, and good teamwork will inherently arise from any situation that involves people working towards a common goal. Get some creative, motivated people together in a room, and that’s all you need, right?



Well, it’s great when things work out this way, but more often creating good team dynamics requires work. Jena used her experience to help facilitate conconversations about how the Youth Arts Team can successfully work together. This involves being respectful of other peoples’ contributes, styles of learning and working, and creating a safe and respectful work space.

As with most things, these concepts are best understood when you are actively involved in them, so the Youth Arts Team also participated in teambuilding activities which allowed everyone to get closer to each other, and be really, really silly.

 _MG_6133 _MG_6145  _MG_6175   _MG_6164_MG_6198_MG_6194 There was unfortunately a folding chair casualty during an intense game of “reverse musical chairs.”

_MG_6150Jena also helped the Youth Arts Team identify skills and capacities that they might want to grow over the course of the project, as well as indicators for how these skills and capacities were developing. It was exciting to hear some of the Youth Arts Team being excited about not only developing skills related to building, but also skills related to leadership and communication.

 _MG_6107 _MG_6108 _MG_6111 _MG_6189Posted by Meghan Durieux (volunteer)

PS. We had a special guest photographer in to take all these photos, Thank You Tet.M for your amazing work!

Check out the full album here:



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