Playground Construction Underway!

We have finally entered the construction phase of Play on Wheels and have officially taken over the artBOX! Come visit us any time over the next three weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 11:00AM and 5:00PM. We love visitors!  1807 42 Street SE

IMG_1888Everybody is super excited that all of our ideas are now becoming a reality. Early Monday morning a 30′ long C-Can full of the materials we’ve salvaged over the summer was delivered to us. It was pretty awesome it see it go down.  Our project partner, Urban Systems, has been generous enough to donate the C-Can and its transportation for the summer. 

IMG_1875We’ve made some first major moves including tearing the trailer apart to remove the rust and check out and IMG_5036re-enforce it’s structural integrity. It’s gotta be structurally sound and safe to be able to hold the crazy contraptions our team has come up with.

Some youth artists worked on getting the front room of the artBOX presentable and ready for interaction and play. We brought in a salvaged materials teeter-tooter we built last summer during Phantom Wing, and a couple spring loaded chairs from Joanne’s Back yard. We also moved in our 5 up-right pianos for people to come check out and play with, they were donated by Foothills Piano and Furniture to avoid being taken to the dump. We will be taking them apart and investigating the mechanics of them to see how we can make them an interesting interactive element of our playground.


Our awesome youth team also built 4 sturdy work tables that will be so so helpful throughout the building process. This made the main space of the artBOX really feel like home, well our home workshop base for the next three weeks.

IMG_5049Last Friday, the Artist team got together to hash out what is possible based on all the brainstorming and ideas we’ve been doing with the community over the last 5 weeks.  Our design and what we will actually end up will will definitely change throughout this creatively evolving process, but here’s a sketch by Ivan laying out how some ideas will work together.


Our Playground will include retractable walls, interactive pianos, a parascope, monkey bars, a chalkboard wall, a stage, a slide, and interactive collaborative games and activities.

Today’s major tasks involve installing a new trailer jack, removing the rust from the surfaces of the trailer, designing a para-scope, painting a chalkboard wall, and tearing apart a piano. artBOX resident artist Joe Kelly was also kind enough to give the team a tour of his rad studio this morning. What a treat!

We are moving Forward!

IMG_5050We still need help funding this project! We are using invest YYC, a crowd sourcing funding campaign to raise money to help cover some the costs of materials, equipment, hardware, facilities, print marketing, documentation, community engagement, and professional fees. We need to reach at least $2500 of our $10,000 goal by the end of September to be funded at all. We could really use your help reaching this goal by either contributing to the campaign or by sharing our project with your networks to help us spread the word. Every dollar is so helpful!

The link to the funding drive is:

Thank you for your support!

Alia Shahab – Antyx Community Arts Facilitator


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