Play on Wheels out on the Streets!


Play on Wheels is out on its first adventure! We are lucky enough to get to be a part of a pretty rad festIMG_5755ival in Calgary taking place this week. We have now packed up and moved to our new temporary home on Olympic way and 12th Ave SE, at Beakerhead Festival’s ‘Little Big Street’. On Little Big Street you will find yourself in the midst of a wacky neighborhood made up of creatively engineered and interactive spaces. We will have our trailer there ready for play, and be hosting an evening of live music on Friday from 4-6pm. Then on Saturday from 11-11:30 our artist team will be talking about how this project came to be, its process, and the teams experience in collaboration and play.

Find the Facebook event here:


Thank you so much to all of the amazing and awesome support throughout this project and especially last weekend at the Play On Wheels Grater Forest Lawn community celebrations. Over 200 community members, arts supporters, and youth came to interact with Greater Forest Lawn’s new interactive play sculpture.


There was so much put into this project, and so much that has come out of it so far. After over 2000 artist hours, 400 youth artist hours, 250 volunteer hours, a c-can full of recycled materials, and endless community in kind donations, we now have a fully built mobile fun house ready for interaction! The Play on Wheels trailer comes complete with a rock-climbing wall, a bouncy floor, roof top patio access with rainbow stairs, a tube telephone communication device from upper deck to down below, a kaleidoscope room, a periscope, a hacked interactive piano, a built in stage, chalk board walls, life sized snakes and ladders, and a whole lot of reason to play.

 IMG_5601 IMG_5683 IMG_5619  IMG_5591 IMG_5609  IMG_5604

It has already hosted people of all ages and created a gathering space for people to interact. Our mini stage has hosted its first set of speeches at the Antyx AGM, and seen an awesome live no name youth band rock the trailer. We are excited about the future potential of Play on Wheels and what amazing interactions it will be a part of in the community. There a few kinks to work out before we can set it loose on the streets, but we want nothing more than to see this baby roam.

IMG_5700 IMG_5591  IMG_5582 IMG_5559IMG_5543  IMG_5525IMG_5549  IMG_5489 IMG_5519  IMG_5498

We are still fundraising and are so close to reaching our minimum goal in helping us pay for the coats associated with this project! You can be a part making this happen at

We have come a long long way!

DSC_0285 $_20-3 IMG_5733


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