Artists/ Facilitators

Assembled is a team of experienced artists and facilitators interested in promoting exploratory and educational play for people of all ages. Each member holds specific skills that will allow the execution of the Play on Wheels project.


IMG_3745Alia has been a Community Arts Facilitator with Antyx for the past 3 years, working closely with youth and communities to coordinate and facilitate many dynamic and creative projects including murals, media projects, sculptural installations, and mixed media exhibitions. Check out her most recent collaboration: A salvaged wood mosaic mural for the Twin Views Communal Gardens in Dover:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.22.27 AM

‘A Bridge Between Neighbors’ – ‘Wreck City’, Alia Shahab, Calgary 2013

Alia is a media and installation artist, creating physical interactive spaces to encourage the playful exploration of connections with each other, the world, and our-selves. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in Media Art and Digital Technology from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She has traveled, studied and created art on many adventures around the world. In the past year, Alia has created work for Wreck City, Phantom Wing, and Sled Island Music Festival in Calgary.

Alia is passionate and eager to share with youth, the same sense of empowerment that art has brought over her own life. With her unique sensibilities in creating large-scale art projects that involve youth as collaborators, she has brought together a group of fellow artists who will join forces with youth to transform our broken down trailer into a mobile playground.



‘The Greenhouse’ – ‘Wreck City’, Lane Shordee, Calgary, 2013

Lane is a scavenger artist based in Calgary, Alberta. His sculptures and installations are informed by his chosen environment and the materials it offers. Construction begins as a series of schematics and drawings which are then fleshed out, assembled and disassembled. His process is of an organic and sometimes comical nature, and always open to flexibility. He engages the materials in a back-and-forth dialogue; an exchange of ideas what materials can be used for. The artist and his media enter into collaboration. Like the wind or the rain, the shapes and forms are delegated and left to chance or whimsy.  Lane employs a surplus of materials gathered from the local urban ecology that inform his daily life and incorporates it into his practice as an artist in a new, un-cached, reclaimed, repurposed and reframed to grant them an opportunity to be seen from a different perspective. The term “scavenger” itself, is often seen as derogatory, but through new perspective, it becomes something illuminated. Open to interpretation.IMG_8665

Lane has exhibited his work throughout the city in a large variety of galleries and exhibition spaces. He took part in Wreck City has also recently collaborated in the creation of Waterways with Antyx Community Arts, Ivan Ostapenko and Calgary Youth. He also has experience working on community engaged art projects, most recently on WaterSpiral in Wild Wood, Calgary.


IVANivan  is an emerging design professional in the city of Calgary. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Studies in 2008, where he completed the first year of the architecture curriculum at the faculty of Environmental Design as a Minor. Determined to learn first-hand from the world’s leading examples in urbanism and architecture, Ivan moved to Chicago for graduate studies and has also spent a semester studying in Barçelona. He received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011. While there, he was also on the editorial board of the award-winning student publication, Fresh Meat, which toured the world in 2012 as part of the Archizines exhibit. His graduating project – a master plan for a cultural center campus in Kaohsiung, Taiwan – was nominated for two city-wide student design awards in Chicago, and has been featured as a Jury Selection in the 2012 Land of Tomorrow exhibition in Lexington, KY, which showcased the best graduate work from major American universities.

‘The Coyote’, ‘The Bunny’ and the ‘Present’ – ‘The Field Manual’, Ivan Ostapenko, Calgary, 2013

His first large scale public artwork is a collaboration (with local artists Daneil J Kirk and Kai Cabunoc-Boettcher) titled ‘The Field Manual’ and can be found along the Riverwalk in Calgary’s East Village. He has also recently collaborated in the creation of a large-scale recycled materials installation titled Waterways in which he worked with Antyx Community Arts, Lane Shordee and Calgary Youth through a community engagement process. Ivan brings us the skills to safely and securely make our trailer into a functional work of art that will give this project a new perspective on playground construction.



“My pieces are often precariously woven and placed in an effort to mirror the beautiful imperfection of life and relationships. With this approach and palette, each artwork captures a momentary glimpse of my often bittersweet perspective.”

1382404_10151589109262371_348038298_nJoanne MacDonald is a self-taught mixed media artist who grew up in rural Quebec.  She moved to Calgary in 1980 and connected deeply to this city through college, career, marriage, family, and friendship. Joanne has now lived in Calgary twice as long as she did in Quebec and values being an active part of Calgary’s wonderful and vibrant arts community. Always an artist at heart, Joanne further developed her skills at Alberta College of Art and Design, and at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.


Inspired by nature and working primarily in found, natural and recycled elements, Joanne cuts, grinds, assembles, and welds raw materials. Her artwork like a mirror, contrasts the balance and imperfection of life. Pensive and introspective, Joanne’s sculptures allude to individuals and their relationships creating an emotional dialogue between art and viewer.


‘Whirl’ – ‘Phantom Wing’, Joanne MacDonald, Calgary, 2013. Photo Credit: Mike and Diane Photography

Joanne was featured in September 2013 as part of Calgary’s Phantom Wing exhibition at King Edward School. For the exhibition she created two kinetic sculptures, one with re-purposed bicycle racks. In 2011 she was one of only four artists invited to participate in the Artist Ranch Project for Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase. Her work has been seen at many Calgary galleries including: DaDe Art & Design Lab, Stride Gallery, Triangle Art Gallery, and Ruberto Ostberg Gallery where she is represented.

Joanne works on making metal move like the kinetics of the natural world, and in this case is going to make our big metal horse trailer into a transforming structure full of hands on activities.


1000971_498196403622414_1069622284_nJena has been a youth support worker with Aspens Youth Matters program for 3 years, working to connect youth with other teens, adults, community and resources through one to one mentor-ship and after school programming.  Jena has partnered with Antyx Community Arts on the Twin Views Mural Project and helped with the Waterways project.
Jena has a diploma in child and youth counseling, and before working for the youth matters program, worked closely with youth in group homes for 3 years.  Jena is passionate about connecting youth with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get involved in and about creating strong social networks and confidence in youth. During Play on Wheels, Jena be be on scene working with our youth artists, helping them get the most they can out of this process.


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