Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help in bringing this idea to its full potential! There are many aspects of the project that could be all the more amazing with a few lovely volunteers. If you have specific skills or extra time you want to share, and want to be part of an awesome community project, please consider volunteering!

We could use volunteers in all of the following areas and more! (If you have an idea of how you could help that is not listed here, feel free to let us know.)

Project Assistants – We will need the help of many gracious people throughout the process with things like picking up food, supplies, materials, and equipment, setting up and cleaning up at community and youth sessions, and assisting with the projects creation.

Gallery Sitting – Help supervise the playground and interact with visitors at our Art Box celebration and project reveal from September 4-6th, and at BeakerHead’s Little Big Street from Sept 10-14th.

Salvaged Material Pick Ups – Do you have a vehicle that can tow a trailer? Or a large truck that can carry large materials? We need help picking up materials that have been donated for salvaging purposes throughout July and August.

Social Media – Help us keep the community up to date on the project. If you own a camera, and have access to a computer, we would love for you to come out for a day or two during the project, take some documentation, and share it with the world through our social media outlets. We’ll need facebook posts, blog posts, instagram pics hash-tagged, and tweets. Your documentation may also be featured in our mini-documentary about the project.

Video Documentation and Production – Do you film and edit videos? We would love your help! We really want this project to be well documented, and we would like to produce a mini-documentary of the entire process. You could come film for a day, and make a mini-video of that session, or you could be there throughout the entire project, and take on a little more ownership of the finished documentary.

Photo Documentation – Are you a photographer? Are you looking for fun and unique projects to capture? We would LOVE to have you around!

Design – Are you a designer? or maybe your looking for experience? We could use help creating some promotional materials including: posters, cards, thank you prints, t-shirts, buttons, and signage during the showcases.

To volunteer, please submit the form below, or contact Alia Shahab at 403-444-0500 (ext.4) or alia(at)antyx.org. Please refer to the calendar for more info about dates and times of the project.


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