Youth Team


Kamila likes music and building. She says that’s about all you need to know about her.

For this project, Kamila is most interested in the process, and watching the project grow. Supporting local artists in any type of art, is important to her. Kamila started building by picking things up off the street, and constructing things like ramps for skateboarding. She says sometimes you have to start small, and build stuff in your backyard. She’s been continuously learning more technical skills, and how to build bigger projects.

Outside of this project, Kamila plays music in her band.

It’s exciting to be involved in this project because you can turn anything into art, no matter how impossible it sounds.


Tekeilah is interested in art, drawing and painting. So, far she’s taught herself everything she knows. Eventually she wants to gain more experience in sculpting. Tekeilah makes and builds things, so far smaller things, but she’s going to build way bigger things eventually.

Tekeliah is most excited to learn  how to use power tools. All the power tools.


I build things out of paper mache and clay, I don’t always know what it will be when I start out.


Sara is interested in creative, interactive sculptures. Her main artistic mediums are writing, theater, and sketching.

She wants to do this project, because she want to build a playground, which she’ never done before. It’s on her bucket list.



I can’t wait for the end result, when everyone sees it, and plays with it. And are all smiling at each other and excited.


Kyra likes singing and playing piano; she’s taught herself how to do these things. Kyra also likes to write, especially sci-fi and fantasy.

Kyra is excited to be involved in this project so she has the chance to improve on the abilities she says she wasn’t actually born with. Like drawing, she’s looking forward to getting better at drawing. Kyra is looking forward to seeing sketches come to life.


I like making up ideas, especially if they are used.


Mainly Sam likes to build stuff, especially out of recycled materials. He also does a lot of sketches and writing.

Sam is most excited for the building – the hands on part, cutting wood, and welding. He’s looking forward to using power tools again, can’t wait to play on what they build afterwards.


 Using recycled materials presents a problem that you have to work around and deal with, there is a lot of prep work, before you can work with the material itself.



Helen likes to paint, and use watercolours especially.

Shes in musical theatre, and is right now rehearsing for Les Miserables.

She say’s shes not a builder, which can make this challenging, but is looking forward to learning how to build.



Whatever I come up with, I paint it immediately.



Hassan likes to draw, and sketch stuff that comes to his mind – He created a city suspended in the sky. He likes all types of art, like interior design, and is already planning what his future house will look like.

He is excited to see how this project turns out, and how we can incorporate everyone’s ideas and make it come true. He thinks when people see this they’re going to think what we built is something really new, and different, and want to try it out.

He think actually constructing the project will be the hardest part. Ideas are much easier when they’re in your head.

He also likes to play soccer, and was cheering for Argentina.

I  have ideas come to me randomly, and I like to incorporate them in real life. I have really crazy ideas sometimes, and I like to draw them.


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